Bio Energy

FDIs back ground & experience has meant that it has worked closely with combustion systems and especially the combustion of wood & biomass, plus other waste gases and materials. Our experience has been closely related with the design, operation and commissioning of energy systems utilising biomass materials in many forms. We are experienced not only with the combustion of biomass but also the handling of biomass fuels and emission control of these fuels.

FDIs experience ranges from 2 to 50MW energy plants feeding dryers, boilers, and oil systems for presses and other heated plant. We have also worked closely with both fuel and equipment suppliers for the establishment of bio-energy plants in Australia.

Our work in the past has included the conceptual design of biomass energy systems, especially in calculating the mass/energy balances essential for sustainable operation of a plant or business. The balance between purchasing fuel and utilising biomass, whether it be waste or origin sourced, can have a large impact upon your energy costs. Note, your waste could be the most expensive fuel you will burn.

The utilisation of biomass needs to be fully understood and this includes the source of the biomass and the form it is supplied in. Moisture and particle composition have a huge impact upon the types of equipment and the capital that must be outlaid to establish an economical bioenergy system.

Our experience in chemical plants has included syngas plants and other fuel conversion processes, as well as the safe handling of liquid fuels.

Biomass as a fuel

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