About Factory Design & Implementation Pty Ltd.

Factory Design & Implementation is a "hands on" engineering group founded in 1998, which specializes in providing engineering services to the process and manufacturing sectors. We also provide services to those unique sectors that require similar engineering tasks such as zoos, roads and railways, forestry, and water utilities. Factory Design grew out of CSR Ltd's industrial sector, of wood panels, building materials & chemical divisions, and is experienced in capital & development works for the private sector where financial payback is a clear necessity.

Our key services are in mechanical engineering and project management, but we also provide drafting, electrical and structural engineering capabilities. We can provide professional services for your development project from concept through to commissioning. Plant modifications, major maintenance, and minor upgrades through to full new plant projects are all within our capabilities.

Industrial project management is one of our core strengths and we have a number of clients who utilize our services to provide them with industrial development skills where they do not have the in house staff to undertake such work.

Factory Design & Implementation partners with a number of professional engineering organizations which provide other services such as civil, safety, fire and control engineering.

Construction Management

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